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Frank is a professional artist/artisan who has long been researching different and unique aspects of Native American culture.

He has extensive knowledge of traditional techniques including hide tanning, beadwork, quillwork and stone & wood carving.

He works with both, natural and man-made materials, characteristic of 19th century Native American art. Most of the work is done exclusively with buffalo or deer hide, which he himself meticulously brain-tans. He creates the custom-made clothing including, warshirts, vests, leggings, moccasins and a large assortment of bags and pouches, all decorated with material such as earth pigments, porcupine quills and glass beads. He is well known for Rawhide artifacts. Frank also makes authentic weapons, carves stone pipes and large cedar totem poles. Each artifact is accurately constructed, detailed and coloured to display its intended tribal characteristics.

His workmanship and attention to details is recognized and appreciated by native groups and collectors alike. His work has been used in productions by CBC TV, Global TV, and exhibited in the Ontario Parliament Buildings and the Toronto Metropolitan Library.

Enquiries welcome.

Years of research on native history, culture and authentic artifacts form a sound background for a collection of his highly original and detailed oil paintings.
Some of these are reproduced in full colour as high quality art prints or note cards.

For more info please contact the artist.